9 easy steps you can take to improve your environment‬‏

1. Recycle

Divide your garbage to categories, Try to re-use stuff like jars, glasses etc.

2. Buy Smart

Don’t consume things you dont realy need, eventually, it will become garbage

3. Choose Natural

Prefer natural materials when you choose your food , drinks , clothes and other goods

4. Save Energy

Remember to turn off your electronic devices. Try using natural energy sources like the sun

5. Move Green

Use public transport as much as possible. if you are driving, use electric cars

6. Grow Plants

Create your own small green zone, you can also grow your own food.

7. Be Involved

Be aware to the production process . hand made and local products are better

8. Know the Land

Go and study your close environment with your own feet

9. Be Friendly

Remember to be friendly . people, animals and plants are all part of the environment,